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The Soul-Smoke Poetry

Welcome to the Soul-Smoke Poetry blog! Explore the words of darkness, words of silence and shadow of the soul. Imagine the truth ailing from lies and broken dreams, hurts wounds and scars given by the time. Its endless..........


Silence of Your Voice

Fallen down as shattered
Like a broken glass.
The every piece if I pick
It gives me bloody scars
So is your silence
When I speak
It defends me all the way.
Stars are bright
With the shining light.
Cry back, but you can,
But I won’t tear my eyes.
Some things are hidden
In those never spoken words
Such is the silence of your voice
But when I try to speak
It breaks me apart.
Paralyzed I am inside
From the sickness of thoughts
Confirmed is the crime of
Killing the innocence.
But the serenity still survives
Such is the silence of your voice
When I try to speak
Hollow are my words.
The temptation of the sin
Unknown paths are followed
By me or many be someone But the sin is confirmed.
Shows me the way to lie
As the truth won’t survive
And will die in my eyes
Someday like this.
Such is the silence of your voice
When I try to speak
My words are lost.



Ocean of Tears

Why do I walk away?
Like a dried up ocean of tears
Silently following some untraced steps of memories
When the trees in the autumn
And they shed off their leaves
Falling liking the tears from those eyes
Where forever lies
And I am here
Left undying alone.
Singing the songs of pain
Could you help
Forget me tonight again
Could you help me
To rebirth in new strain?
My shallow heart
Beats like the way it was
But the blood is red alone with new skin
Which I sense to be so strange
Let me breath for one last time
I have been trying
For one last time to fall against the wall
To break like a mirror
And shatter into pieces all…

Could you help me
To born again?

Story of a Dead Heart

One night. . .
Shining stars. . . .
Bright moon. . . .
Sleeping world. . .
And one dead heart. . .
Walking to the grave. . .
Grave of it’s body. . .
Came out to see. . .
That heart which has hurt it. . .
The pictures are fading away.
And your memories are broken apart,
Got no blood
Though I’m a heart.
Hard to imagine,
I used to throb, beat.
Now got alone,
dwelling in dead’s street.
See my soul has fallen dead
Now, I’ll sleep forever
Defending your sick lies
Which I proved those
Shapeless truth.
Cry, cry, shed the tears.
Gone, gone. .
Lying lifeless, bloodless, torn up so hard
Though I was a heart.
To heart to be hurt.
So unusual, the murder of me.
And then thoughts
Got buried in scars of time.
That’s eternal, following behind my shadow.
Showed the light, shallow hole and dark again.
My sense and the pain.
But I’ll be here,
Lying dusty.
Will be eaten up by maggots
And will be some dust.
But still. . .
I’ll keep you alive,
Though I’m a dead heart!

When it’s Dark

I’d give you the stars.
But enjoy when its dark.
For you!
I’m not a shadow fallen,
Shallow dream with filthy rotten,
Finally hell, when waiting to come,
and then my devil will smother your sun.
Can’t skip a beat, but its your scared heart
Fear the joy when its dark. . .

Inception of My Fall

Oh! Shall my fall be?

Broken down.

It’s a call.

They’re calling me,

To take me away,

Away and far away.

How far could I know.

To the intensity of your truth,

When I am not I

Any more.

When soul,

My soul is defending,

Blending in your color.

Oh! Shall the angles be?

My mighty escort.

To lead me to the heaven,

To an endless away,

Carrying a body, weathered,

Dead and molded in clay.

The journey of life,

From smile to wrath,

And from insecure soul,

From inception of the death.

Here to be finished,

The journey of my life.

Here’s to be finished,

Struggle of a tired one,


It’s a call,

To call me out.

For the final,

Inception of my fall.


Today, escaped the colorless shadow,
From the fear of an,
Unknown tomorrow.
Finding way of the faith
Surviving in dready sorrow!
To the moment,
Look back.
Here’s a way.
It’s truth!
It’s not like you
A dead hollow.
Today, smiled the shadow,
With scars of its tomorrow.
With a harsh touch of ongoing time.
When to whine?
When to shine?
Today, escape!
Escape from an unknown dilemma!
Tomorrow’s a chaos.
When choices are made
For living and not loving
But, what lies beneath shadow?
Don’t know
Never has it told.
Bury the memory under the fold
Of eternal time.
Tomorrow is another cage.
Only today is an escape.

The Dark Poetry (Devil’s Evil)

Dark is the night,
Dark is the day.
Dark are the words,
I hear and say.
Dark are the people,
Dark are their faces.
Darkness has been surrounded,
In the endless spaces.
Dark is the world,
Which I speak.
Dark is their brain,
So do they treat.
Dark are the feelings,
That live inside me.
Dark are the dreams,
Which I always see.
Dark is the blood,
Rushing through my veins.
Dark are the drops,
Falling in the rain.
So endless the darkness is,
To free myself from devil’s evil!